Powershell, computers and ideas.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Hello everyone, who found their way to my blog. 😊

I started this blog mainly to post and explain my PowerShell scripts in more detail that a ReadMe.md on GitHub could. I have a lot of scripts already developed by my own and uploaded to GitHub, but they are kept private since they potentially could leak information about the structure or company I work for. That is why I started re-coding a lot of these in a way I can release them to the public and them not to contain any information itself therefore making them a proper script / module. I will release them one by one when they are finished.

I am based in Berlin, Germany where I work in a datacenter. Working here really changed the way I approach things when it comes to computing. Growing up with a computer and working in first level support the demand of learning how to automate things really grows by the day. When I had the golden opportunity to learn PowerShell in an environment where the guidance you need to do understand how it is done properly, I immediately took it.

Also, I always loved to discuss and advance the scripts me and my colleges crafted which makes you realize how many ways there are to approach something. Furthermore, discovering how people on the Internet solve certain problems I also had the urge to give something back to them. The day where somebody will post a link to my blog telling everybody to look at my approach will be something special, I will have a good memory about.

Therefore, I would love for you to leave a comment or contact me. Also, a simple commit on GitHub to one of my scripts will be an honor.

Thank you