Frank Detzer

About Me

I am Frank Detzer, a German DevOp working in a datacenter in Berlin.

I got into computing as a kid when my parents bought a computer with Windows 95 on it. I really must thank my uncle talking about computers all day which made my dad buying one. I quickly became fascinated by how by a simple press of a button someone could breathe live in a machine.

I remember playing Age of Empires 1 and 2 a lot on that machine. I was entertained for hours playing these games. Also, I soon discovered that there is more to this thing than just clicking the shortcut to make it do something. That started the long and painful path of me bricking a lot of computers in a way that somebody else had to fix them. I guess that was also the point where I picked up the skills of the people leaning a hand and started to develop my own way to repair the machines I broke.

Later, I loved being able to provide a skill to really help my friends and family when this new intervention had stopped working and I could pull something I learned breaking my own machine up and started fixing theirs. This is probably what most people will remember me for. Also, it may helped me here and there in school knowing stuff the teachers didn’t.

This led me to pick a tech career after school. I learned the basics on how to run a computer in a enterprise at my first job I scored very fast while still in school. This foundation provided me the path for an opportunity at an it-service provider where I touched in a lot of enterprise networks of all kinds and sizes. Eventually landing me in a datacenter in Berlin where my skills in automation grow by the day.

If you want to find out why I started this blog, please check out this post.